Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Selsor Base cone 6

SELSOR  BASE    Cone 6 reduction/oxidation
Nepheline Syenite                    56.25
Gerstley Borate                        12.50
Whiting                                    10.41
Silica                                        20.83

Just got back from Richland Community College in Dallas and we had a great cone 6 reduction workshop. Jen Rose, the instructor, wanted to take them from cone 10 reduction to cone 6 and so we all ran a bunch of tests and got some great results!

One that was nice was the Selsor base with 5% rutile. Here are the tiles in reduction and in electric oxidation. I will try to post others when they send the images. 


John Britt


  1. That is pretty, it looks a little runny on a few of the tiles. Did you get a sense of how runny it might be?

  2. It is fluid but that is what makes it a nice copper red, oribe, etc.

    It is also what melts the rutile. You could even try with 3 - 4 % rutile to make it less opaque,


  3. Can't wait to try this base in both oxidation & reduction. The effect is very similar to a cone 10 glaze that I used called Apricot. It was a class glaze back in the college days and worked beautifully as a liner glaze on my organic vases. Thanks for posting this John.

  4. No problem. Let us know how it goes,



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