Friday, October 23, 2015


Yunomi with Beads glaze, John Britt, cone 6 stoneware with Terra sigillata, White liner and McGruder liner, fired E1 electric kiln, 2015.

Here is a group of yunomis that I fired with a glaze I made up for the Hudgens workshop in September. It was derived form :

Lichen cone 6
70 Nepheline Syenite
25 Light Magnesium Carbonate
  5 Ball Clay

This is  a nice lichen glaze that will go to beads if you over fire to cone 7, so I decided to adjust it a bit to be beads at cone 6. Most of these glazes derive from line blends of Magnesium carbonate and Nepheline Syenite (90/10. 80/20, 70/30 etc.)

So I took out 5 % magnesium carbonate to get it to melt more. (Even though magnesium is a flux it is not a very strong flux at cone 6 so it is causing lichen surface.) Then I wanted more fluxing so I added 5% Nepheline syenite. And as and added bit of insurance (since I didn't test it at all!) I took out 2% ball clay (refractory) and added 2% zinc oxide which is a strong flux.

So I came up with:

John's Beads cone 6
75 Nepheline Syenite
20 Light Magnesium Carbonate
  3 Ball clay
  2 Zinc Oxide

The only thing you need to to is watch the application. I had the Sp. Gr. at 125. And did two dips with some pouring.



  1. Looks like they'd be fun to hold!!

  2. Do you have a cone 10 version?

  3. Are you putting a colored slip under it?

  4. Skill and knowledge together in a nice package, inspiring!

  5. here is my question, does this glaze actually stay on the surface after you apply it or does it flake and peel off?

  6. Especially impressive since I saw firsthand at your workshop how tricky it is to get this glaze to look so wonderfully "wrong". Nice, as usual!!!

  7. Application and specific gravity are essential. Not that hard though. Try this one. I don't have a cone 10 one but the principles are the Sperry Crawl 50 NS 50% Mag Carb. So this is lichen at cone 10 down. You need more flux less refractory. So maybe 60 NS /40 Mag Carb? Or add some various other fluxes like Zn or frit or GB. 2-5%.

    Finally I don't have a colored slip but you could do that. I have a laterite terra sig which I quess could be called a colored slip?!


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