Thursday, November 12, 2015


Best Clay Club ever and I am not kidding. Alex Glover gave the best talk on Cherokee clay and North Carolina. Josiah Wedgwood and Darwin .

You guys missed out!!!

We will try to get him again.

I will let Amy Waller (who was responsible for this great meeting!) tell you all about it.  I have a short video clip of him discussing kaolin.

Here is a wiki link:

Josiah Wedgwood also invented the pyrometer, a device to measure the extremely high temperatures that are found in kilns during the firing of pottery. For this he was elected a member of the Royal Society.[15]


  1. Sorry we missed it. I am curious to know if he mentioned any white clay from Etowah, NC going over to wedgewood?

  2. Amy Waller may remember better but I only remember him talking about Franklin NC.


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