Friday, January 30, 2015

Glaze Workshop in Sarasota Florida March 13-15, 2015

Mariooch Studio Presents: 

Cone 6 Ceramic Glaze Testing with John Britt March 13 - 15, 2015 Sarasota, Florida 

This is a three day Cone 6 glaze testing workshop designed to show participants how to test a base recipe and get various colors (color blend). It will also be a general overview of ceramic glazes, focusing on, but not limited to, Cone 6 glazes. We will discuss clays, slips, cones, kilns, firing dynamics and principles as well as applying those principles to various firing cycles. This will lead us into some basic classifications of glazes, like ash, celadon, temmoku, etc. We will discuss how and why each type of glaze works and how you can achieve them, how to adjust your glazes and how to find new ones. 

We will discuss glazes from John’s new book: “The Complete Guide to Mid-Range Glazes: Glazing and Firing at Cone 4 - 7”, but will go into more detail than the book allowed. 

The workshop is for beginner to advanced ceramic artists and is limited to 16 participants. 
Friday 9:00 – 4:30 p.m. Glaze mixing and dipping tiles and then talk about glazes 
Saturday 9:00 – 4:30 p.m. Fire an electric oxidation kiln and talk about glazes 
Sunday 9:00 – 4:30 p.m. 
Unload kilns and discuss results and of course – talk about glazes. 

Cost: $275. Lab Fee - $25. After February 25, cost is $300.00 plus lab fee.

 Registration and payment by March 1, 2015

For more information, please contact: Nancy Morris at 228-4045

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clay Club tonight is cancelled

After checking the weather report and talking with John Ferlazzo, we've decided to cancel tonight's Clay Club. We won't reschedule for January, but I will let you know the plans for February as soon as I can.

Monday, January 12, 2015

JOBS Ceramics 2015- Teaching Hamilton College NY
Hamilton College
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art

Location: Clinton, NY 13323

Closes: Feb 15, 2015at midnight Eastern Time
(GMT-5 hours)

Hamilton College invites applications for a one-semester sabbatical replacement, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art in sculpture and ceramics. Demonstrated interest in contributing to a contemporary interdisciplinary setting with an increasingly diverse student body is desirable. Responsibilities include: teaching three classes for the semester, participating in Senior Projects, and maintaining 3D studio facilities. Ability to teach Introduction to Sculpture and Introduction to Ceramics is required. An established exhibition record is expected, along with working knowledge of the historical and theoretical discourse surrounding sculpture. Hamilton College offers competitive salary and benefits. The position begins on July 1, 2015, with an expectation of arriving to on campus by August 18, 2015. We recently moved into a new state of the art facility. To learn more about the Art Department at Hamilton please visit

MFA or equivalent and a minimum of two years teaching experience at the college level required.

Each document must be submitted in PDF format: cover letter, CV, artist’s statement, teaching philosophy, and a list of three references. Place 15 images of your own work in a single PDF (not to exceed 5MB) including your name, title, medium, dimensions, and date. Please do the same with 10 student images as a single PDF. Interfolio recommends saving each image at 3MB, placing images into powerpoint and saving the document as a PDF. Powerpoint will compress the file into the appropriate upload size of 5 MB or less. Please contact if you have questions or problems with your uploads. Interfolio is free for candidates. Deadline for submission is February 15, 2015.This institution is using Interfolio's ByCommittee to c

JOBS in Ceramics 2015

Tenure Track Position in Ceramics

Tenure Track Position in Ceramics Marlboro College invites applications from broadly trained, dedicated teachers for a full-time, tenure-track position in Ceramics. The successful candidate's core responsibilities will be to teach introductory and intermediate courses in Ceramics as well as a second subject such as drawing or two-dimensional design and will support advanced, independent, often cross-disciplinary undergraduate work in a liberal arts setting. Applicants should be solidly grounded in the vessel tradition; should have knowledge of form, function, and design principles; and should also have knowledge of the diverse field of contemporary ceramics. The successful candidate will demonstrate enthusiasm for and ability to maintain the studio, kilns, and glazing facility that are a crucial part of the broader visual arts program at Marlboro. College teaching beyond the graduate assistant level desired. MFA required.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

CLAY STORIES - come tell yours


The ClayStories website is expanding and we are posting guest blogs now. If you have any stories you would like to share please e-mail to me along with any photos and I will be most happy to post them.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


PS Please tell every potter you know!

Mug Revolution

The Things of Life / The Life of Things

An Exhibit of Bowls

Interesting way to display these bowls.

All of these bowls were part of various cultures, at certain times with people using them on a daily basis, but now displayed as hollow vessels in a cold austere, impersonal table out of context to the life they once served.

These are skeletons of long forgotten lives.


Women Working With Clay- Hollins University

JUNE 8-11, 2015
This symposium is about women who work with clay to create pottery, art vessels, and sculpture. We emphasize the creative process from every level. At the same time, we look at the particular aspects and points of view that may be unique to women working in clay.

Presenters: Christa Assad, Linda Christenson, Christa Cordova, and Shoko Teruyama
Keynote Speaker: Leila Philip
Director: Donna Polseno


From Inspiration and Ideas to the Actual Making and Finishing
Explore the connections of the long history of women as vessel makers, artists, and artisans in cultures all over the world.
Examine how the sense of community and mentorship in the world of clay object makers reflects that history.
Work closely with faculty who have extensive experience and training.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January Clay Club: the return to John Ferlazzo's!

Awesome news: January Clay Club will be at John Ferlazzo's! We'll be meeting at 6 pm on Wednesday, January 14.

The topic will be Show and Tell. This idea was proposed at the very first Clay Club meeting in 2008 but, as far as I know, we've never done a full-blown Show and Tell. So - bring something (something you've made, something you're in the process of making, and/or something else related to what you make) and be ready to tell us all about it.

There may also be a campfire. (Not an all-out bonfire, for those of you who remember a certain memorable Clay Club at John's Fun House a while back . . .)

We will have the usual potluck, so bring food and/or drink to share. John has a kitchen in the space where we'll be meeting, so if you want to bring something that needs to be heated, that's doable. If you want to come a little early, contact John at 828-688-1354 ahead of time.


John is at 110 Gage Branch Road, near Bakersville.

Coming from Spruce Pine, drive north on NC 226 (toward Bakersville) for approximately 6.5 miles. Turn left onto Mine Creek Road/NC 226A. Go 2.8 miles and turn left onto Gage Branch Road. John's is the first driveway on the right. Follow the driveway up - all the way up! - to the top.

You can also use Google Maps to get to John's (be sure to expand all the details of the directions if that doesn't happen automatically):

Questions? Call John at 828-688-1354. You can also contact me by email ( or at 828-467-1183.

See you next Wednesday!

Classes Begin Next Week At Odyssey

Mystery Pot

I am Katey Schultz's dad. Last night, one of my favorite vases broke. We don't know who the potter is as the vase was given to the Spruce Pine Montessori School and used to hold flowers on one of the tables.

Before it broke, it was about 8" high and nearly perfectly round. Katey suggested I send you a photograph of a couple of the pieces, thinking you might be able to identify the potter.

Thanks! Bill Schultz

Czech ceramic artist looking for a summer job

Posting at the request of Patty Bilbro:

My name is Michal Sembera. I am a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Czech Republic), specializing in sculpture. But I come from a family pottery workshop, where I worked from childhood. There is an example of my skills:

I am writing to you because I'm looking for a summer job (July, August, September). I would like to earn money for paying school fees.

I could of course look for work in other fields (farms, au-pair), but work in my field would be better for my personal development.

Thank you for reading this letter and CV.

I look forward to your response.

With the best regards.
michal.c.sembera @

Monday, January 5, 2015

Australian Residency

Location: Australian National University School of Art

The Craft & Design Workshops at Australian National University School of Art announce the upcoming 2015 International Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residency. The inaugural residency in 2014 was awarded to Lauren Kalman (USA) whose innovative proposal involved Gold & Silversmithing, Textiles, and Bookbinding processes. More on Lauren Kalman’s extraordinary contemporary craft practice can be seen at Lauren Kalman.

Expression of Interest

International Interdisciplinary Artist In Residence

ANU School of Art Craft & Design Workshops

Deadline: 8 Sept 2014; Decisions to be announced 19 Sept 2014

Deadline: 23 January 2015; applicants notified by 28 February 2015
Australian National University School of Art seeks an Artist-in-Residence working in an interdisciplinary way across two (or more) of the Craft & Design discipline-based workshops for a period from 7 to 9 weeks including 20 July- 4 September 2015.

The individual Craft & Design Workshops at ANU School of Art include Ceramics, Wood/Furniture, Glass, Gold & Silver, and Textiles. Additional studio-based disciplines at School of Art include Photography, Painting, Sculpture, and Print Media & Drawing.

The International Interdisciplinary Artist-in-Residence is open to an International Artist or Designer (non-Australian resident) working within at least one of the following Craft & Design disciplines (Ceramics, Wood/Furniture, Glass, Gold & Silver, and Textiles) and additionally working across disciplines into another Craft and Design or Visual Art discipline represented by the School of Art Workshops.

The Artist-in-Residence benefits included: up to AUD$4000 towards economy-class international airfare to Canberra, Australia; use of well-equipped studio space; focused time for studio engagement; supportive interaction with fellow artists and students; up to AUD$1000 in materials allowance reimbursements; accommodation in a private flat at ANU; wireless and library access.

The expectations of the selected Artist-in-Residence include: commitment as a full-time resident artist for the designated term; being accessible to ANU School of Art students and community; producing new works and/or engaging in explorations of new directions; and
contributing to the community through a variety of activities, including offering a public lecture, participating in workshop critiques, etc.

Australian National University School of Art provides studio-based courses of study for Undergraduate through PhD (Practice-Led Research) students majoring in each of the discipline areas. The School of Art staff is professionally and research active, and is committed to encouraging new collaborations between disciplines. The ANU is situated in the nation’s capital, and is near to Australia’s national collecting institutions providing an excellent environment for study and research.

To Apply:

1. Applicant’s current contact details including address, phone number, and email address.

2. Applicant’s citizenship and country of residence.

3. Applicant’s one page CV

4. Indicate your Workshop Disciplines A+B from following menu:

A: Ceramics, Wood/Furniture, Glass, Gold & Silver, or Textiles


B: Ceramics, Wood/Furniture, Glass, Gold & Silver, Textiles, Sculpture, Drawing & Printmedia, Photography & Digital Arts, or Painting.

5. Residency Project Proposal (1000 characters maximum)

6. Artist’s Statement (700 characters maximum)

7. 10 images attached to email or available via a shared Dropbox link (jpgs not to exceed 1MB apiece, 10 MB total)

8. Image list (title, year of completion, materials, dimensions)

9. List of contact details for three professional or academic referees

Completed Expressions of Interest and inquireis should be sent to:

Subject Line: International Interdisciplinary A-I-R Application

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Smithsonian database!!

homepage banner

Welcome to Phase 1 of Open F|S, the complete digitized collections of the Freer and Sackler Galleries and the Freer Study Collection. With more than 40,000 works being made available for high-resolution download—expanding regularly with our new acquisitions—you can explore the Smithsonian's museums of Asian art from anywhere in the world, whenever you like. Images can be used for all non-commercial purposes, from desktop wallpapers to artistic gifts for family and friends. Send us your creations and your feedback about this beta version at!

Top 5 pottery blogs Yo

Friday, January 2, 2015

Ostracon and Kintsugi

What It Really Takes to Be an Artist: MacArthur Genius Teresita Fern├índez’s Magnificent Commencement Address

Ostracon at 8:28 in the recording

and waiting for 10:37 for Kintsugi

And she quotes Leonard Cohen at 12:30 _ "There is a crack in everything- that is how the light gets in."

Brent Model B Pottery Wheel FOR SALE --Asheville NC area


Brent Model B Pottery Wheel

Barely Used, works perfectly.



Watercolor artist

You want to be a water-colorist?! Here is the app:

Waterlogue app.

For only $2.99 you can be both a "Photographer" and "Water-colorist"! That is a deal and they are cool to look at.

No need to put in 10,000 hours practicing! Getter done right now!

The New Artist - article from the Atlantic Magazine

Here is an interesting article Lori Gilcrest sent to me.

It relates to a previous discussion we had on this blog about how everyone wants to be called an "Artist."  In my mind this was a very complex subject which touched on many complicated social and spiritual concepts. It brought up the Artist and not just a simple "starving artist" who is basically a loser....but a "working artist", where working hard is a "badge of professional virtue". Implying that a starving artist is unsuccessful while a hard working modern savvy intelligent artist is successful, good and makes money.

It brought up the centuries old idea of Artist while missing the entire point of starving artist. One whose integrity superseded monetary gain not one who couldn't "make it".This brought up many ideas like -Hard work means success? But is a hard working serial killer better than a starving serial killer. Does body count mean something?

Or does success means monetary success? Or does poverty mean success? Or is luck and financial backing part of success? So our modern trustafarians are simply successful because they started on a higher rung of the ladder? Or  is having a benefactor or group of benefactors mean success? Or is success time dependent?  You are successful today but maybe tomorrow you are a loser even though you are a hard working loser!

So I called for some definitions rather than just throwing around words and allowing everyone to define their own terms- which ruins all the self aggrandizing fun!

So Lori sent this article which is interesting as it discusses how the paradigm of "The Artist" has been obsolete for many decades how it moved to "the professional" and what is replacing it now. It does a much better job of capsulizing this complex cultural concept and how it is evolving than I was able to do.

The Death of the Artist—and the Birth of the Creative Entrepreneur

Toe River Arts Council Annual Meeting this Sunday (Jan. 4) in Spruce Pine

In case you missed the email sent out on New Year's Eve, TRAC's annual meeting will be this Sunday in Spruce Pine. Here's the info from the email:

TRAC's 38th ANNUAL MEETING AND POTLUCK Sunday, January 4, 2015, at 1pm at the Spruce Pine Arts Resource Center. A short meeting will kick off the afternoon fun with voting on the new board members. This year's slate includes:

Yancey County
Eric Howard–Yancey resident; Asheville educator.
Kirby Troutman–real estate broker/realtor with Carolina Mountain Realty in Burnsville.

Mitchell County
Natalie Monaghan–former Penland studio assistant.
Jennifer Turner–Penland volunteer, artist, and Crimson Laurel associate.

This year's meeting will serve up the customary potluck afternoon brunch with lots of food and NO SNOW! [For those of you who remember, last year's meetings were postponed twice, then cancelled because of the white stuff.] TRAC will provide the paper goods and drinks. Bring your friends and family. It's going to be a monumental 2015. Start it with good eats, good friends, new year.

Thursday, January 1, 2015