Saturday, May 25, 2019

Since the word is out now, I thought I should post this to inform everyone who is interested. On Sunday, I had the world's most freaky bicycling accident. Very good prognosis though. (warning- long) I was riding on the Virginia Creeper Trail (super awesome trail), it was dry, sunny and a most beautiful day in Abingdon Va, but 10 miles down the road it had rained pretty heavily. So, as I got toward that area, I was slowing down a bunch, you know, being careful. ( 3 or 4 miles of that) According to my Garmin, I was actually going only eight miles an hour when the wreck occurred, which is embarrassing, but true. (Any self-respecting bike accident should involve 40 - 50 mph, rolling and tumbling down the side of a mountain a.k.a. Tour de France.) I was crossing over this little wooden bridge, but you know how wood gets when it's been outside-gets -- slimy and stuff. So I must have hit a slick spot at just the right second of balancing which immediately pulled my rear wheel out from under me, like someone really mean, just jerked it, (although I can't remember a thing) and I just went down to the left really hard. (Had a nice bike helmet on thankfully or probably would have had a brain bleed!) Knocked out for 10 minutes according to my Garmin. Good news was, I probably hit my pedal, hip, clavicle and head in that order which lessened the head impact. (BTW not a cut or scratch on my body- no road rash or gravel to pick out! Just down hard.) Think that there is a Newtonian Principle explaining it. So, bottom line is, I cracked my pelvis in a few spots, little bit of the hip area, clavicle and my helmet got smashed pretty good. Got tons of CT scans because they were looking for internal bleeding, or head injury bleeding, but they couldn't find anything so that was super good. Then the next day, surprisingly, when I woke up they told us that surgery was not necessary. They said that surgery couldn't improve the situation. Pelvis and clavicle were just fractured, not displaced or a spreading crack, etc and time and rest would make it back to normal. So that's the good news, now I just have to have no weight bearing on either for 8 weeks. Trouble is, I can't