Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thanks Amy Waller and The Mudhoneyz

Yo Clubbers,

Just want to say what a great time it was at Clay Club last night. I know Amy Waller will post a review but I thought I would chime in a bit. 

First, I wanted to thank Amy Waller for all her work keeping Clay Club going. It takes a lot of time and effort! She is going a great job and always is trying new stuff an engaging different folks. That is what keeps it alive. And also, thanks to folks for agreeing to host the Clay Club. I know she couldn't do it without you!

In particular, last night, Missy Batten, LeElaine Comer and Molly Walter of

 Mudhoneyz Studio 

They gave a presentation of their journey and I won't go into details but just to say it was impressive and inspirational to see what they have accomplished since graduating from Haywood. They have guts to even try such a thing and then to have accomplished it !  Fantastic!  

Just sorry to those who missed it.

Also I wanted to say how fun it is to see old and new faces a Clay Club. I know it is hard to make time to get out once a month but it is actually great fun to see people who you may not otherwise see for years. (Mary and Henry are back!) 

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