Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cone 6 Beads Glaze

Got this nice glaze from Kari Hopkins and it was called something like SDSU Lichen (a.k.a. San Diego State Univeristy).

But since we fired to cone 6 at 3:oo it must have melted more and become a bead glaze. (high surface tendsion of mangnesium oxide.)

Beads cone 6

75 Nepheline Syenite

25 Magansium Carbonate

5 Ball Clay

Here is a

Lichen Glaze (crustier at cone 6 +)

30 F-4 Feldspar
19 Kaolin
31 Magnesium Carbonate
8 Talc
6 Frit P-25

We applied it at a Sp. Gr of 123 but that was a bit thick with two coats.

John Britt


  1. totally yum , i'll be doing a cone 6 fire soon i think i'll put in some tests of these, i have a cone 9 magnesium ext. glaze so a 6 would be great..


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