Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thanks Amy Waller and The Mudhoneyz

Yo Clubbers,

Just want to say what a great time it was at Clay Club last night. I know Amy Waller will post a review but I thought I would chime in a bit. 

First, I wanted to thank Amy Waller for all her work keeping Clay Club going. It takes a lot of time and effort! She is going a great job and always is trying new stuff an engaging different folks. That is what keeps it alive. And also, thanks to folks for agreeing to host the Clay Club. I know she couldn't do it without you!

In particular, last night, Missy Batten, LeElaine Comer and Molly Walter of

 Mudhoneyz Studio 

They gave a presentation of their journey and I won't go into details but just to say it was impressive and inspirational to see what they have accomplished since graduating from Haywood. They have guts to even try such a thing and then to have accomplished it !  Fantastic!  

Just sorry to those who missed it.

Also I wanted to say how fun it is to see old and new faces a Clay Club. I know it is hard to make time to get out once a month but it is actually great fun to see people who you may not otherwise see for years. (Mary and Henry are back!) 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Alex Glover- Geology of the Toe River Valley

The Toe River Valley exhibit presents two gallery talks on Saturday, September 16
Location: Toe River Arts Spruce Pine Gallery
2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Geology of the Toe by Alex Glover, retired professional geologist
Presentation includes a powerpoint of geological process of the formation of the riverbed rocks and the manner in which the Toe River cut across the Appalachians. Rock samples and geologic models will be used during the presentation.
3:30 – 4:30 p.m. People of the Toe Valley by David Biddix, Coordinator of Digital Media at Western Piedmont Community College. David's passion for local history has led him to a partnership with Chris Hollifield to form Longleaf Media. They have produced two Images of America books (for Spruce Pine, NC in 2009 and Little Switzerland, NC in 2010) for Arcadia Publishing), along with a video documentary celebrating the centennial of Little Switzerland, released in June, 2010. He also completed a project with Jonathan Bennett that produced Images of America: Mount Mitchell in 2015.

Ceramic Lab Equipment for sale:

Substituting Whiting and Silica for Wollastonite

Occasionally I will have a  potter who calls in desperation because they are mixing a glaze and run out of wollastonite and need it for a recipe they are mixing immediately for an upcoming show. Many don't do well with math or chemistry.

I bought a book in 1997 by Edouard Bastarache called Substitutions for Raw Ceramic Materials where he does just this for a variety of materials. He shows problems and answers. It is handy for pottery who don't have glaze chemistry software or much internet presence.

According to him: For a recipe where it calls for Wollastonite and you only have whiting and silica you substitute 0.863 and 0.0.513 respectively = 1 percent (gram) of Wollastonite.

Not perfect but pretty close in a pinch.

So if you recipe calls for 19.00% (grams)  wollastonite, you take

19 x 0.863 of whiting = 16.4% (grams)
19 x 0.513 of Silica = 9.84% (grams)

Now you can just use that for your recipe  but if you want to retotal it to 100 you will need to do some math. That is because whiting has about half its weight in carbon dioxide which is lost in the firing (LOI).  So you will have 26.24  (grams) of whiting and silica vs only 19.0  (grams) of wollastonite.

Just so you know you can run this through which is a free internet glaze database to test it . If you get a better answer, let me know.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Let's Help Stan Anderson

Our dear neighbor and potter Stan Andersen's life partner and wife, Karen, passed away in early August.

We know there are many of us who would like to reach out and help Stan during this difficult time. An idea that has been raised is to gather funds to help Stan with his sizable medical bills.

In order to streamline the collection, the steering committee of Spruce Pine Potters Market has offered to collect all contributions and then give them to Stan in one lump sum.

Everyone is welcome to contribute whatever you wish. If you would like to contribute to this, please send to:

Michael Rutkowsky/SPPM Treasurer
1489 Cane Branch Road
Burnsville, NC 28714

If sending a check: It needs to be written to SPPM, with a notation at bottom, “For Stan Andersen.”

Michael will then deposit all contributions into SPPM's account, and write Stan a final check for the amount raised.

We are asking monies to be sent by the Wednesday, September 13th so a check can be given to him at the end of Sept.

Thanks so much,

Suze Lindsay & Terry Gess on behalf of Spruce Pine Potters Market